Table type spectroscope --GI-STW

Working principle:

Gemstones selectively absorb certain wavelengths of light in the continuous spectrum to form specific absorption lines. The selective absorption is related to the structure of gemstones, that is, specific absorption lines correspond to specific gemstones. Spectroscope is a simple and very effective instrument designed to observe the spectrum of gemstones. The spectroscope is divided into grating type and prism type.
Technical parameters:
German high quality prism bright beam splitting system;
Built-in wavelength scale range of 400-750nm;
The scale can be moved horizontally and the calibration wavelength can be adjusted.
Adjustable slit, adjustable focal length;
Double lamp adjustable brightness, transmission and optical fiber lighting;
Stainless steel 3 d adjustable bracket;
Built-in light source brightness indicator;
All aluminum housing, forced air cooling;
Global wide voltage adaptive input: ac85-230v;