Gemstone refractometer --GI-RZ6

Working principle:

Gemstone refractometer is a precision optical instrument designed based on the principle of total reflection of light. The refractometer rate is the most important parameter for gemologists to distinguish and identify gemstones.

Refractometer can be used to determine the gem refractive index, birefringence, axial, optical positive and negative. The measuring range of the refractometer is usually RI=1.35-1.81. In order for the gem to be measured and the test prism surface to achieve close contact, it is often necessary to use index oil.
Technical parameters:
Scope: RI=1.35-1.83;
Indicating error: ≦0.003;
Low dispersion high hardness glass mesa;
High contrast scale, straight and clear shadow boundary;
There are a variety of light sources, monochromatic filter accessories for choice;
Fully sealed moisture proof type;
Wide-field eyepiece, polariscope diameter 22mm;
Rapid focusing system for multi-thread of military grade;
Net weight :650g size: 115X37X70mm;