Gemstone microscope -- GI-M72

Working principle:

M72 microscope is a standard microscope. In order to fit the physiological curve of human body and maintain a good posture, the working platform is designed at a fixed Angle to the horizontal. With stable placement and comfortable observation. The M72 optical system is designed with convergent design, strong stereoscopic sense, excellent optical quality, mature and reliable. Is a cost-effective product, widely used in the detection of various places.
Technical parameters:
The multiplier is continuously variable from 6.5-45x (90X);
Times than 1:7
Adjustment range of eye distance: 55-75mm;
Adjustment of unilateral visibility: ± 5 degrees;
Working distance: 95mm;
Focus range: 135mm (for large samples, such as bracelets for observation);
Three lighting fields, optimize the dark field;
Ball drive mechanism: more stable focus;
Self-locking mechanism: there is no need to worry about the failure of focusing mechanism due to long-term use;
Inclined: the included Angle between the working surface and the horizontal is 28 degrees;