Diamond cutting scale -GI-2008

Working principle:

Gi-dp2008 is an automatic equipment specially designed for measuring diamond cutting ratio. It is jointly developed and produced by the national gold and diamond products quality supervision and inspection center and baoguang company. It has been recognized by a number of national patents and relevant departments, and won the second prize of shandong province computer application excellence award. The instrument is fast and accurate, which can not only analyze the cutting of bare stone, but also provide a method for the determination of inlaid diamonds. It has solved the problem of inlaid diamonds which cannot be measured accurately with instruments. DP2008 has been improved and upgraded for many years, with a large number of users. With the implementation of the new national standard, the measurement of two indexes, the star-engraving surface length ratio and the low-back surface length ratio, has been added, which fully meets the requirements of the new national standard.

Technical parameters:
Measuring speed: 80 seconds/sample;
Line resolution: 0.003mm;
Measurement range: 0.10-15ct (no lens change);
Both naked stone and inlaid diamond can be measured (DP2008E);
Equipped with USB communication mode with calibration standard ruler;
USB communication;