Uv-visible optical fiber spectrometer --UV5000

Working principle:

The alternating electromagnetic field that propagates in space, namely electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic waves cover a wide range. Experiments have shown that radio waves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and radiation are all electromagnetic waves. They differ only in their frequency or wavelength. The frequency of light wave is much higher than that of radio wave, and the wavelength of light wave is much shorter than that of radio wave. X-rays and x-rays have higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths. In order to study the characteristics of baoyu stone materials, we often use electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths as the light source to study and measure the absorption characteristics of materials to electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths, which is the theoretical basis of the spectrometer.
Instrument features:
A new generation of ultraviolet-visible near-infrared optical fiber spectrometer (200-1160nm) USES a thin backlit CCD array sensor to achieve higher quantum efficiency. The instrument adopts integrating ball measuring platform, which is more convenient for testing and results are consistent. Using the dewar test platform, the thermal vibration of the sample molecule was effectively reduced, and the weak absorption peak could not be clearly reappeared by some measuring methods.
Technical parameters:
Spectrometer type: high speed and high sensitivity;
Spectral measurement range 200-1100nm;
Measuring time 2 seconds (with electronic shutter);
Resolution 0.06-20nm is optional;
Stray light < 0.3%;
Sensitivity 6460,000 count/W;
Two-dimensional array of detector Hamamatsu 2048 pixel; 14 m x 500 m backlighting CCD;
Light source full signal balanced light source;
Sample cooling immersion, low temperature liquid nitrogen sample tank (-196℃);
Measuring method integrating ball type and reflection type;
Measured species:
-- colored gem: red and blue treasure, emerald, etc.;
-- jade: jade, etc.
-- diamonds: natural diamonds, CVD diamonds, HPHT;
-- organic gems: pearls, corals, etc.
Database standard database and expert database;
Temperature monitoring in 2 regions;
Equipped with sample liquid nitrogen refrigeration device;
Built-in 3d adjustable manipulator;