Wide-band induced luminescence imager -GV5000

Working principle:

Under the excitation of deep ultraviolet ray, diamond and other gem materials will absorb energy and produce luminescence phenomenon. The phenomenon of gem being stimulated by light is called fluorescence effect. When the excitation light source is turned off, some materials continue to glow, which is called phosphorescence. The fluorescence and phosphorescence of baoyu stone materials reflect the structural characteristics. GV5000 is a professional equipment specially designed for observing the fluorescence and phosphorescence of baoyu stone materials
Instrument features:
Real-time observation of fluorescence;
Phosphorescence observation;
Growth structure observation;
Fluorescence and phosphorescence spectroscopy (optional);
Technical parameters:
Wavelength of induced light: 183nm-240nm;
Spot size: 20mmX25mm;
Control mode: rotating shutter;
Camera pixel: 1920X1300;
Microscopic system microscope: continuous scaling 2.5x -- 18X;
Variable ratio: 1:7;
Sample 2d platform adjustment range: 75mmX36;
Focusing range of the microscopic system: 40mm;
Ultraviolet radiation protection: metal plate completely closed;
Sample bin with built-in LED lighting