X fluorescence precious metal detector --EDX3000

EDX 3000 PLUS has unique functions in measuring the contents of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Adopt 25mm2 large-area beryllium window detector to accurately analyze the contents of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, zinc and nickel in gold, platinum and K gold ornaments. The test results fully meet the requirements of GB/T 18043-2000.
Gold is precious, instruments are precious. EDX 3000 PLUS is the most brilliant highlights of ultra-high precision, ultra-high resolution, sharper camera, one-click smart operation, all make precious metal detection so simple!
Performance advantage
Super high resolution, world class:
Using the world's best SDD silicon drift detector, the resolution of 139±5ev, and the conventional si-pin detector, the resolution of 160± 5ev, can better detect the content of iridium and gold in platinum.
Ultra-high accuracy, optimal performance:
The large area beryllium window detector of 25mm2 is used to greatly improve the reception ability of sample characteristic X-ray fluorescence. With digital multi-channel analyzer technology, the analysis speed is improved, the overall processing capacity of the system is improved, the counting rate is up to 80,000, which is 5-10 times higher than the si-pin 6mm2 probe, and the precision is 2-4 times higher.
Super clear camera, accurate positioning:
With the new industrial-grade camera, the sample image is clearer and accurate positioning can be achieved easily.
Small collimator, easy to test fine small parts:
Provide a variety of collimators, the diameter of the minimum of 0.2mm, can easily achieve the precision of small parts of the accurate test, and according to the test requirements of electric switch collimator, make the measurement more easy and more accurate.
One-key intelligent operation, eliminating the trouble of selecting curves:
FP method complete use, just one key operation can be intelligent automatic curve matching, operation step in place.
Technical parameters
Elemental analysis ranges from sulfur (S) to uranium (U)
The detection limit can reach PPM level
The analytical content is generally PPM to 99.99%
Any number of optional analysis and identification models
Independent matrix effect correction model
Multivariable nonlinear regression program
The temperature range is 15℃ to 30℃
Power supply: ac 220V±5V, ac purification voltage regulator is recommended
Energy resolution: 139±5eV
Instrument configuration
Mobile sample platform
SDD probe
Digital multichannel analysis system
High and low voltage power supply
High power X-ray tube
Computers and inkjet printers
Appearance size: 550×416×333mm
Sample chamber size: 460×298×98mm
Quality: 45 kg
Application field
Gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals and a variety of jewelry content detection