Brook Fourier transform infrared spectrometer --TENSOR 27

The new version of the tensortm  series infrared spectrometer combines 40 years of brook's experience in infrared spectroscopy research and development, production and application of the latest technology development. It perfectly combines high performance with flexibility, stability and ease of use, and sets a new standard for the research-level Fourier transform infrared spectrometer.
TENSOR deals with the level series
RockSolidTM patented interferometer: excellent performance, good reliability, perfect stability and strong anti-interference ability; Provide quality guarantee for 10 years.
All USES the gold mirror: the reflectivity is higher than the aluminum mirror 5% above; Strong oxidation resistance, more stable optical properties.
Sensitivity increased by 100 times: all digital technology, providing one-to-one electronic compensation for light source, detector and other components; 24-bit, high-speed delta-sigmatm converter.
NIR, MIR, FIR full spectrum: 15500-500px -1
Rapid-scan: a study of Rapid kinetics
Dual channel digital acquisition: modulation spectrum (VCD, pm-irras, DMA)
Four external output optical path extensions: beam-bendertm patented technology.
Real-time, online monitoring: built-in IVU calibration unit, real-time monitoring of the working status of the instrument, performance indicators, etc.
RockSolid high performance interferometer
The RockSolid patented interferometer is derived from the brooke company's "vehicle-mounted, high-resolution infrared spectrometer" (IFS 125M) designed for the military. In order to meet the military's very demanding requirements for spectrometers, brook abandoned the previous "dynamic collimation" design that had to be adjusted by mechanical devices. Instead, it developed a unique method to design the "optical compensation" RockSolidTM interferometer by utilizing the optical characteristics of three-dimensional stereoscopic Angle mirrors. Its main advantages are:
Using the optical characteristics of three-dimensional Angle mirror:
Ensure that the reflected light is always parallel to the incident light
-- ensure the interference of parallel light
-- ensuring the permanent collimation of the optical path in the spectrometer
-- eliminate various shear errors
Adopt improved design of 300 incident Angle:
-- greater pass efficiency (1.4 times of 450 incident Angle)
-- reduce edge diffraction effect
Discard mechanical adjustment devices:
-- lag caused by passive adjustment
-- no misalignment and adjustment errors caused by mechanical devices
-- no wear caused by mechanical movement
-- ensuring the service life, stability and reliability of the instrument
-- able to work in all kinds of extremely harsh environments
Excellent design and excellent performance:
Resolution: better than 0.25 cm-1, continuously adjustable
SNR: better than 50000:1 (peak-peak, 1-minute test)
Spectral range: 8,000 ~ 350 cm-1 (basic); 15,500 ~ 20 cm-1 (optional); Users can freely choose, replace automatically; Recognition, automatic alignment, no adjustment
Speed: 40 spectra/second (need corresponding detector)
Accuracy: 0.005cm-1 (wavenumber accuracy); 0.07%T (absorption accuracy)
Optical system: all gold reflectors
Interferometer: RockSolidTM interferometer, optical compensation, DSP control, electromagnetic drive
Instrument design: the five Chambers are independent and sealed respectively; Vacuum sealing method; Electronic humidity indicator and alarm; Drying apparatus; Purge interface; Flexible and large sample chamber.
Self-calibration: IVU calibration unit; PerformanceGuardTM real-time online monitoring system
External optical path expansion: up to four external expansion ports; Available connections: GC, TG, VCD, pm-irras, microscope, integrating sphere, telescope, online probe, automatic sampler.
External detector: up to 6
Others: 66.5(W) x 43.4(D) x 28.1(H) cm; 37 kg; 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz(wide adaptation)
Software: multi-language version (including Chinese) OPUSTM software package; Included: Validated, IQ/OQ/PQ, GLP, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant